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GD: identifies info from Gary Davis , thanks! Most of the info on the pre-Go albums comes from him.

Some recent help from René Yedema

A link to Bob Shumaker's English language Stomu Yamash'ta fan site.

A link to a page in Japanese listing several of his newest released works

Stomu Yamash'ta

Henze/Takemitsu/Maxwell Davies

An album of avant garde classical works by other artists. You can find him on at least a couple early 70s classical albums but on this one features him as the main artist.

Stomu Yamash'ta & Come to the Edge

Floating Music

(*) 1972 Island (UK) HELP 12 (?)

GD: This is a live jazz ensemble performance obviously heavy on percussion with both Yamash'ta and Morris Pert handling percussion duties together. Although there are no synths per se, it does have the feel of a progressive band also with bass, keyboards, sax, sho, trumpet, trombone. There are four long pieces:

  • Poker Dice 17:55 (Yamash'ta)
  • Keep in Lane 8:38 (Yamash'ta)
  • Xingu 13:09 (Pert)
  • One Way 11:55 (Yamash'ta)
  • Collector Ron Kane presumably has this listed as "Come to the Edge" Island (UK) HELP 12

    Stomu Yamash'ta

    Red Buddha

    (*) 1972 Egg

    GD: As far as I can make out these are entirely solo percussion performances and is therefore comparable to the classical album we were discussing with the main difference being that the compositions are Yamash'ta's. My copy happens to be on the Egg label. The tracks are:

  • Red Buddha 15:19
  • As Expanding As 15:56

  • Stomu Yamash'ta's Red Buddha Theatre

    The Soundtrack from "The Man from the East"

    (*)1973 Island

    GD: This is a theatre piece and again I believe this is a live recording. The core band is Yamash'ta, Pert, Peter Robinson/electric piano, and Alyn Ross/bass. And there are other supplemental musicians as well. Although, again, no synth, electric keyboards are being used.

  • Scoop 2:54
  • Ana Orori 3:11
  • What a Way to Live in Modern Times 9:21
  • My Little Partner 4:00
  • Mandala 13:00
  • Memory of Hiroshima 8:40
  • Mountain Pass 3:40
  • All compositions Yamash'ta

    Stomu Yamash'ta's East Wind

    Freedom is Frightening

    (*)1973 Island

    GD: A jazz album in the progressive vein featuring Yamash'ta, Hisako Yamash'ta/violin, Hugh Hopper/bass, Gary Boyle/electric & acoustic guitars, Brian Gasciogne/keyboards, synthesizer (at last!), vibraphone.

    Tracks: Freedom is Frightening Rolling Nuns Pine of the Horizon Wind Words

    All compositions Yamash'ta, no times listed.

    Stomu Yamash'ta's East Wind

    Music from the film One By One

    (*)1974 Island

    GD: featuring Yamash'ta, H. Yamash'ta, Hopper, Gasciogne, Sami Abu/vocals, conga, flute, Gary Boyle/guitar, Nigel Moriss/drum kit. And, yes, Gasciogne again plays synths.

  • One by One/Hey Man/One by One Reprise 10:43
  • Black Flame 3:30
  • Rain Race 1:30
  • Tangerine Beach 3:25
  • Superstar/Loxycycle 12:23
  • Nurburgring 2:34
  • Seasons 1:30
  • Accident 1:40
  • At Tangering Beach 2:28
  • All compositions by Yamash'ta except Seasons by Vivaldi, lyrics Sammi Abu.



    (*)1975 Island

  • Dunes 15:00
  • 33 1/3 7:40
  • Rainsong 5:03
  • The Monks Song 6:01
  • Shadows 5:08
  • Ishi 6:59
  • All compositions by Yamash'ta, lyrics by Giovanni Dadomo, except Shadows by H. Yamash'ta and Gasciogne.


    The musician credits were found on the UK LP by TURTLE DA MANNN, thanks! Gary Davis found no band credits on his US pressed album.



    1976 Island (US) lp:ILPS-9387, ILS-80601

    This was Yamashta's Prog-Rock-Fusion supergroup project. Sort of a see what happens if you put all these artists together. Lineup is: Yamashta, Steve Winwood, Michael Shrieve, Klaus Schulze, Rosko Gee, Al DiMeola, Chris West, Pat Thrall, Julian Marvin, Hiasko Yamashta, Lennox Langton, Brother James. Some good material on all of the Go albums, though some material is nothing special.


    René Yedema sends me info that an Australian label (who is apparently on the up and up) finally obtained the rights to re-issue all the GO material as a double CD. cat# RVCD-182.

    The company is Raven Records


    Go Live From Paris

    1976 Island (US) double lp: ISLD 10

    The line up is: Yamashta, Steve Winwood, Michael Shrieve, Klaus Schulze, Al Di Meola, Jerome Rimson, Pat Thrall, Brother James, Karen Freidman.

    See above for CD info


    Crossing the Line / Winner - Loser

    1978 island 12" (UK) IPR 2014

    info Ron Kane


    Go Too

    1977 Arista (US) lp:AB 4138, SPARTY 1011, cd: One Way Records OW 26785

    The line up: Stomu Yamashta, Al DiMeola, Doni Harvey, Paul Jackson, Brother James, Linda Lewis, Peter Robinson, Jess Roden, Klaus Schulze, Michael Shrieve. This one had a quit




    Complete Sessions


    An authorized reissue from Australia on Raven Records


    Stomu Yamashta

    Tempest (soundtrack)

    1982 Casablanca (USA) lp: NBLPH 7269 (6480 084)

    The Paul Mazursky film. Guest - Michael Shrieve. Short but quite impressive.

    Stomu Yamashta

    Ihroha Ten / Iroha Chi

    (*) 198? RVC 2LP: RPL-3026-27

    Double album. Pretty much acoustic with all sorts of percussion

    Stomu Yamashta

    Iroha (Sui)

    1982 RVC lp: RPL-8144

    Plenty of sequencer and synth. These melodies will tend to show up on the next several albums. Water music

    Stomu Yamashta

    Iroha (Ka)

    1983 RVC lp: RPL-8187

    Bigger sound. Superb cover art. Fire music.

    Stomu Yamashta

    [title in Japanese] japanese title (soundtrack)

    1984 Victor lp: SJX-30227

    An historical drama. Recycles material from the Iroha albums. (There is a piece Ku-Uh, I've not heard before)

    Stomu Yamashta

    Sea and Sky

    1984 Victor, Kuckuck(GER/USA) lp: 072 cd: CD72

    Here he adds an orchestra conducted by Paul Buckmaster (Go). Impressive big sound.

    Stomu Yamash'ta

    Solar Dream, Vol. 1: The Eternal Present

    1993 Kosei CD KMYD-5100

    An introsepective blend of synths and trad. Japanese instruments highlighted by percussion solos and chanting. Inspired by Buddhist scriptures.

    Mind Music in Stomu Yamash'ta

    Solar Dream, Vol. 2: Fantasy of Sanukit

    1990 Kosei CD KMYD-5101

    A multi movement blend of synths and some acoustic sounds. Interestingly this recording dates from before volume 1.

    Stomu Yamash'ta

    peace and love

    (*) 1997.6 Kosei CD KMYD-5102

    John Rempel sends me info this is Solar Dream, Vol. 3

    Stomu Yamash'ta

    a desire of beauty & wonder stone

    (*) 1999.5 Maeda(?) limited edition

    mentioned on this Japanese language page

    Stomu Yamashta / The Nostalgic Future

    Listen to the Future, Vol. 1

    (*) 2001.12.05 Sony Music SSCL-2 (SACD)
    - I think it comes both ways SACD and regular CD, not as a compatible SACD

    I have to check this one out further. It has something to do with the ancient SANUKAITO (Sanuki rock). 12 tracks.

    here is a listing on (in Japanese)

    Darren (Lascivia) found some Japanese links

    Hosono, Kitaro, Pizzicato Five, Plastics, P-Model, Sakamoto (solo) , Sakamoto (other), Takahashi, Tomita, Yano, YMO, YMO (misc),

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