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(@) Ki/oon cd: KSC2 298

I'd call the style dance music with cool style jazz. The band list includes 11 names but no explanation other than Asami Imajuku does the vocals sounding kind of like electronic vapor as far as I can tell (there are 2 up front vocals done by American guest singers), Nobuhiko Kashiwara composes nearly all tracks and plays lead keyboards, and Seiichi Takubo plays addl. keyboards. The album includes L.A. session musicians playing a lot of lead melodies which both gives it a much more live/acoustic feel (other than the sampled drums on many tracks) and an LA feel except for the beats. Has provocatively titled tracks like morning blow.

Akira Inoue Unit

Imaginary Arboretum

1985 EMI lp: ETP-90317

Interesting synth-pop material. Yokoo painting on the cover.

Akira Inoue

Undulation (best of?)

1986 EMI/Express lp: ETP-90384

More interesting Technopop songs. This might be a best of since some songs seem to be repeated from Imaginary Arboretum.


Danzindan Pojidon

1983 Alfa/Yen Medium lp: YLR-22003, ALCA-9167

Hosono produced. Very ambient. Seemingly recorded with a speaker and a mic submerged in a fish tank! Don't expect anything fast moving.

There is a 1998? album on Transonic. I understand the duo were former Hikasu members.



1982 Windam Hill (USA 1985) lp: WH-1047, orig. released on Alfa/Medium YLR-22002

Hosono produced. Light synth, sax and piano. You can imagine by the Winadam Hill label what it sounds like even though it was not recorded for them. Eiki Nonaka of this band would later join Hosono in the band F.O.E. The U.S. release different in mix and content. The YEN was available as part of limited edition YEN BOX Vol 1. Further tracks appeared on the very rare ¥EN Manifold Album which had it's only CD release also on the YEN BOX Vol 1

YEN 1982 version:

  • Technobose (3:42)
  • Giant Steps (4:30)
  • Flamengo
  • N.F.G.
  • Reply (1:56)
  • Timeless (1:45)
  • Cold Beach
  • Luft (3:16)
  • Ascending (2:19)
  • Park (4:03)

Windam Hill 1985 version:

  • Technobose (4:25)
  • Giant Steps (5:10)
  • Flamengo
  • Timeless (2:36)
  • Hot Beach (from YEN Manifold Vol.1)
  • Reply (1:29)
  • Luft
  • Ascending
  • Park (4:27)




1987 Windam Hill (US) cd: WD-1067 also on Canyon

One track produced by and the rest executive produced by William Ackerman. Even more an uptempo Windam Hill sound.



Ken Ishiii

Akira Ito


1982 Nippon Columbia YF-7062?, Cicada (1986 Norway) lp: C002

While talking with some e-mail friends (Ron Kane and Michael Carter) we're all pretty sure he was in the Far East Family Band. (Kitaro and Fumio Miyashita were also members).

This album has a little following among people I've met. It is hard to find though. I think I also saw a CD on Cicada of it in the 80s which would make sense based on the date.

besides Ito on synths
electric bass - Keiju Ishikawa
electric guitar - Nobuohotchi
piano - Kenji Mishiro
violin - Takashi Toyoda

Toyoda has also done some solo albums.

Akira Ito

Inner Light of Life

1984 King lp: K28A-519

He seems to use lots of Roland gear. These three seem to have come out around the same time and never made it onto CD AFAIK.

Akira Ito

Mind Music

1984 King lp: K28A-520

Akira Ito


1984 King lp: K28A-521




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