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Kazuhiko Katoh

V.A.: The World of Katoh Kazuhiko (* PCD-1472)

Come To My Bedside (* PCD-1473)

Supergas (* PCD-1474)

all rereleased by P-VINE in 1999 on CD

The Series of Locals


99.9.25 Blues Interactions/Bleach YTPR-5805

Yann Tomita is the producer for an album of Pardon Kimura's compositions. He works in a tropical style with experimental sound collage, music and narration
quite in keeping with what Tomita is up to. suGar from Buffalo Daughter plays guitar on 2 tracks.

Osamu Kitajima (official page)

all albums (*)

Masashi Kitamura + PHONOGENIX

Prologue for Post Modern Music

(*)1985 VAP records

Jerry Leibowitz: (One of my favorites.) Futuristic techno. Cinematic. Slight ambient flavor. Great blend of electronics with samplings of traditional instruments sequenced. Has a very ethnic feel, much the way that Tsuchiya's Rice Music had. Basically all instrumental. The players are: Masashi Kitamura, Haruhiko Tsuda, Akira Hanamato, Kunihito Shi-Ina, Hiroshi Ishibata, Shinsuke Ito, Thomas Hojnacki, Tetsuo Furudate, Masahiro Minowa.

Koharu Kisaragi

Takashi Kokubo 
Tokyo Digital Sound Technology #1

Volk Von Bauhaus

(*)1985 King Records,

Jerry Leibowitz writes: This is an ambient,"experimental" album using a Fairlight CMI, PPG Wave, Yamaha DX-7, CX-5. Random ambient tones generated by computer accessing the above equipment. Nothing special here. Kokubo is obviously a Morton Subotnik fan.

NK: I think this is remembered for having a final track of a data dump of the Yamaha music computer. You could load it and run a program if you had one.

Tesuya Komuro (official page)

Seiichi Shimpaku mentioned this popular artist to me. I have heard of him, though I have not listened to him yet.

Miharu Koshi (my page)

Kuroyuri Shimai (Les Soeurs de Lilis Noirs)

first album

1990 SSE-4003

Kuroyuri Shimai (=Sisters of the Black Lilly) are a sort or Gothic band (as opposed to Goth). Their first album has the most pop roots. Has synths. Eclectic. Fine melodies and performances.

Kuroyuri Shimai

second album

1990 SSE-4009

continues. beautiful.

Kuroyuri Shimai

Tsuki no Shoku

1993 SSE-4020CD

*Very* Gothic. Includes some Bach arrangements. Lovely, dark and spooky. By now there are no longer any clear pop connections in the music.

Kuroyuri Shimai

Lux Aeterna (live)

1993 SSE 4024CD

Not much in the way of electronics, but fantastic Gothic style music, sort of in the realm of Dead Can Dance and Popol Vuh. Atmospheric sound. Dark and beautiful. Lux Aeterna = Eternal Light

Juri et Lisa

All Things Are Quite Silent

1995 SSE 4037

Don't quite understand the name change but this is the same duo as Kuroyuri Shimai (The Black Lilly Sisters). I do notice that all but one cut is one or the other of the duo, not both together. Superb material. Less dark than the live album, but very rich in sound. Haven't heard anything from either of them since.

Lab Life

Planet Headphone

98.10.1 Neosite/Sony ESCB 1910

popular eclectic release by this hard to categorize duo. I guess they'd sort of be the Shibuya sound, closer to Cornelius, not that they are terribly similar. Well produced pop stuff with inventive arrangements. Synths are all over but I wouldn't consider it full of synth thrills


World Wide Love Song

(@)99.2.27 NeOSITE CD5 single: ESCB 1956

  1. World Wide Love Song
  2. Glider 81
  3. If You...

clever rock with synths

Logic System (my page)


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