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Lately YT has been involved with Hosono in the band Sketch Show and it's quasi spin off projects more or less with Sakamoto too



1977.6.21 lp: Seven Seas SKS 1011 cd: King KICS-2142, KICS-8072

NK: Between Sadistic Mika Band and YMO. Sakamoto arranges and co-produces. RS was nicknamed The Professor back then. Hosono plays bass. Currently Budget priced. Here we have an early (if not the first) appearance by all YMO members. A good example of late 70s studio pop. Not really related to their later Technopop sound.

DH: This album seems to be some kind of personal tribute to France by Takahashi. The songs songs are presented in fairly conventional musical settings with synthesizer being used unobtrusively. I like the remix cd much better.

there is said to be a C'est si bon / Back Street Midnight Queen single

Murdered by the Music

1980.6.21 Seven Seas lp(*): SKS 1050 cd: KICS-2141, KICS-8071, Regular II (AUST) lp: REGL 200, Statik (U.K.) lp: STAT LP 6

All songs in English. Mosdell lyrics, Sandii, Sheena, Tachibana and Matsutake appear, One song each by Hosono and Sakamoto, who play also. A Technopop classic. The EQ/engineering on my lp is a bit shrill, I don't know what the CD sounds like. Should appeal to early era YMO fans. UK 1982 edition has a very different cover of a screaming cartoon man wearing headphones. (June 1980). Remixed by techno artists in the mid 90s.

  • School of Thought
  • Murdered by the Music
  • Kid-Nap, the Dreamer
  • I-Kasu!
  • Radioactivist
  • Numbers from a Calculated Conversation
  • Bijin-Kyoshi at the Swimming School
  • Blue Colour Worker
  • Stop in the name of Love
  • Mirrormanic
  • The Core of Eden

The UK edition omits I-Kasu!


Murdered By The Music/Bijin-Kyoshi At The Swimming Pool

(*) 1980 Seven Seas GK-8106. 7", Statik STAT S17.1982/UK 7"


(*) There is said to be a Blue Color Worker 7" from Japan


School Of Thought (extended remix)/Stop In The Name Of Love/River In The Ocean

1982 Statik-STAT 1912, UK 12"

River In The Ocean was released as a Beatniks track in Japan


1981.6.5 Alfa lp: ARL-28018, Alfa/CBS? (UK) lp: ALF 85393 reissued in 2005

A fine album . Should appeal to YMO fans though none of the YMO period solos tried to duplicate the more instrumental based YMO sound. There was a British music movement at the time called "New Romantic" which included stuff from for example Roxy Music, whom YT admired and OMD, a contemporary act. Possibly more an ironic connection with being neurotic, though I guess in its New Romantic attitude it, in coincidental hindsight (futuresight?) it might even have slight echos in William Gibson's novel Neuromancer, which was published some 3 years later. Recorded March-May 1981 with HH, RS, Omura, Tony Mansfieds, Manzanera, Andy Makay, Matsutake. Had a French CD reissue in the 90s.

Ivar de Vries writes:
Recorded while Yukihiro Takahashi was in full swing drumming/singing with the Yellow Magic Orchestra, this album might as well have been called a YMO album because both Haruomi Hosono and Ryuichi Sakamoto play their instruments here. And naturally the mostly fast rhythms are very similar to those in YMO's music as well as the album's overall mood. But some other musicians make an appearance too, such as Phil Manzanera and Andy Mackay both taking a break from Roxy Music.
Takahashi is in decent vocal form throughout where the usual echoes of David Bowie and Bryan Ferry from, again, Roxy Music are never far off. On the cover a few pictures of a rather pensive-looking Takahashi are printed but the music is actually rather cheerful. The first few tracks are alright if a bit interchangeable but starting with 'Drip Dry Eyes'
(a compilation album favourite) they become excellent.

  • Glass
  • Grand Espoir
  • Connection
  • New (Red) Roses
  • Extra-Ordinary
  • Drip Dry Eyes
  • Curtains
  • Charge
  • Something in the Air

What? Me Worry?

1982.6.21 Pick Up (Holland) lp: LPU 0002, CBS (UK, europe ?) ALF-85954, YEN lp: YRL-28003, cd: ALCA-9061, (YEN) 32XA-229, ALCA-362, ALCA-5075 reissued in 2005 by Sony Music House

The tune Flashback includes all members of YMO. YT duets with Bill Nelson (plays throughout the album), Zane Grif and Ronny. This album will appeal to YMO fans. The style changes drastically from track to track. Not really a problem since it's very good. Had a French CD reissue in the 90s.

Ivar de Vries writes:
One of the best Yukihiro Takahashi album during his Yellow Magic Orchestra period, it is certainly a varied one. Melody-wise most songs are strong and a few additional singers provide some welcome relief to Takahashi's "characteristic vocal style" (to put it politely), although he does sing with real passion throughout this album. The two short tracks are instrumentals with a Japanese feel, whereas the songs are clearly influenced by, or themselves influenced the early eighties British synthpop scene featuring the likes of the Human League etc.
The English-lyric songs are all co-written by
Peter Barakan who also helped out YMO in this respect. As usual the other two YMO members help out their friend here, but they only make an appearance on the wonderful 'Flashback', for which Ryuichi Sakamoto also provides the music. Other highlights include 'Sayonara' which has Japanese lyrics, 'This Strange Obsession' (written and partly performed by Zaine Griff), the melancholic 'Disposable Love' about the effects of a relationship breaking up and the fun 'All You've Got To Do'.
'The Real You' continues the vocal style first heard on YMO's 1981 album ‘Technodelic’ with its multiple vocal layers sort of sliding over the accompaniment. The last track on the album is a cover of a George Harrison song from the surreal ‘Yellow Submarine’ soundtrack and anybody who knows the heavily psychedelic Beatles original will raise an eyebrow because here Takahashi manages to turn it into a nice upbeat pop-song, although some psychedelic elements like a Hammond organ sound and the well-known Beatles trick of inverted drum-sounds are retained.
  1. What, Me Worry?
  2. It's Gonna Work Out
  3. Sayonara
  4. This Strange Obsession (tune by Zaine Griff)
  5. Flashback (with YMO)
  6. The Real You
  7. Disposable Love
  8. My Highland Home in Thailand (with Bill Nelson)
  9. All You've Got To Do
  10. It's All Too Much (George Harrison cover)

What? Me Worry? (EP)

82.7.21 YEN ep: YRL-19001 Alfa cd: ALCA-9066, ALCA-511 out of print These tracks are also included on the best of The Brand New Day and Yen Box Vol. 1

Disposable Love / Flashback

(*) 1982 Alfa ALF-A2636, (promo) YEN -102, CBS (UK) ALF-85954

It's All Too Much / The Real You

(*) 1982 Alfa 7" (Holland) A-2774 (info: Ron Kane)

Are You Receiving Me? / And I Believe In You

(@) 1983.1.1 7": Yen YLR-703 (non-album single reissued in the ¥EN BOX)

Tomorrow's Just Another Day

1983.8.24 YEN lp:YRL-28009 cd: 38XA-18, 32XA-146, ALCA-363, ALCA-5085,current: ALCA-9062

Lots of synths, but kind of like an average pop album. A bit dull. Suffers from lack of guests. Had a French CD reissue in the 90s.

  • Ripple
  • My Bright Tomorrow
  • Kagerou
  • Rokugatsu no Tenshi
  • Maebure
  • Coincidence
  • This Island Earth (Bryan Ferry tune)
  • Are You Recieving Me? (Remix)
  • Good Time
  • The April Fools (Bacharach tune)

Maebure/Another Door

(@) 1983 .6.25 YEN 7" YLR-706

Time And Place

1984.1.25 YEN lp: YLR 28015 (Green Vinyl), YEN cass:YLC-28012, Alfa cd ALCA-364, current: ALCA-9063

Live album (16+20 Aug 1983). Band includes Keiichi Suzuki, Hajime Tachibana, Bill Nelson, Sandii and David Palmer. Has energy. out of print

Wild and Moody

1984.11.10 Alfa lp: YRL-22005 cd: current:ALCA-9064, ALCA-365, Cocteau (UK) lp: JCS 11, Pick Up (Holland) lp: LPU 0013, Festival (Aust) L-38319. SPALAX (UK) cd: 14503 Had a French CD reissue in the 90s. out of print?

A short album. With Sakamoto, Iva Davies and Bill Nelson. Takahashi is in very good form with excellent arrangements. One of my favorite post-YMO YT albums I've heard. Recorded Aug-Sep 1984

Ivar de Vries writes:

At barely thirty minutes more a maxi-single than a full-length album, this first post-YMO project by Yukihiro Takahashi is also a bit short on ideas. Its atmosphere is slightly lackluster – "moody" perhaps, but "wild" is a definite overstatement. Plenty of harsh industrial sounds and a few contributions from former YMO buddies Sakamoto (Fairlight) and Hosono (bass) as well as Bill Nelson on guitar/vocal can't conceal the fact that the musical material is a bit average. A significant pointer is perhaps the fact that all the song-lyrics come from writers other than Takahashi.
On the plus side, Takahashi's voice has never sounded better, making it less of a potential irritation and the addition of a few female backing singers also help things along. The best song is perhaps the Neil Young cover 'Helpless'
and the album closes strongly with 'Walking To The Beat', co-written with Iva Davies.

  • Wild & Moody
  • Stranger Things Have Happened (by Steve Jansen)
  • Kill That Thermostat
  • Helpless
  • The Price to Pay
  • Bounds of Reason Bonds of Love
  • Walking to the Beat

Stranger Things Have Happened/ Bounds Of Reason, Bonds Of love/ Metaphysical Jerks

(*)1985? 12": Cocteau COQ T 18. (UK)

DH: The last track is unique to this release as far as I know. The song is credited to Bill Nelson and lists the players as Takahashi on drums, Bill Nelson and Mick Karn on bass. It is an instrumental that has a nice medium-fast tempo and lilting eastern melody.

NK: said to be included on "Duplex" Cocteau CDJCD 22 - most consider Metaphysical Jerks a Bill Nelson track with YT as a guest

Stranger Things Have Happened/Kill That Thermostat

(*) Pick Up (holland)7" SPU-0017

Walking to the Beat/The Price to Pay

(*) Pick Up (holland)7" SPU-0019

Walking to the Beat/Kagerou

(*) Festival (aust) 7" K-9568

this single is an edit, it was reissued in Yen Box 1

Poisson d'Avril (Soundtrack)

1985.4.25: YEN lp: YRL-28022, YEN cd: 38XA-33 , Alfa cd: 32XA-147, ALCA-9067

Light, pop-ish instrumentals plus 2 songs. Koji Ueno and Pierre Barouh appear. Takahashi acts in the movie.
  • Poisson D'Avril
  • Theme from Mari
  • Shohei's CM Song
  • Proud Toilet Attendant
  • Heart in a Hurry
  • Ordinary Day
  • Probably, South Pacific
  • Brand New Day
  • At Speak Easy Club
  • The Trouble with Shohei
  • Theme from Fujiko
  • Soap Opera
  • Poisson D'Avril (instrumental)

Poisson d'Avril (single version) / Kimi ni Surprise!

(@) 1985.4.25 7" YLR-714

The Brand New Day (best of)

(*) 1985 11.28 YEN lp: YLR-28024, cas: YLC-28022, Alfa cd: ALCA 9065 (current), ALCA-366, 32XA-44 (YEN) out of print Contains tracks from the What Me Worry? EP. The LP and CD may be different as I have track discrepencies regarding the What Me Worry? EP tracks being on here or not. I guess the main point to note that is this is a Best of that doesn't obviously bill itself as one in English

Best Selection

(*)1990.9.11 Alfa ALCA-73 out of print

Best of

all that can be said here is this one is clearly marked as a best of, unlike Brand New Day

Twins (Best of Personal Works From Y.M.O.) - an out of print double CD with YMO era solo works by YT, Hosono and Sakamoto. No rare Takahashi tracks. YT released the most solo albums during the YMO era.


1996.7.24 Alfa CD: ALCA-5077 out of print

this rarities disc is included only as a special bonus disc in Yen Box Vol.1 (17 CD set of YEN releases)

There was enough Takahashi tracks in the YEN vaults to spill over onto their BONUS DISC -MALE disc (ALZZ-13) on YEN BOX 2
  • Disposable Love (karaoke)
  • Another Door (TRA 60 Seconds Version)
  • Connection (live)
  • Drip Dry Eyes (live)
  • Flashback (live)
  • H (live with Tachibana)
  • All You've Got to Do (live)
  • Cue (live)

  • Once A Fool ...

    1985.11 Canyon cd: D32A0127, PCCA-00128, lp:C28A0446

    Sakamoto, Hosono and Kenji Omura play. Typical Takahashi, Nice but not very memorable as it's kind of middle of the road.

    Kyou no sora/Konchu-ki 7" single (*)

    ...Only When I Laugh

    1986.8.21: cd: Pony Canyon PCCA 00129, PCCA-00857, D32A0213 cass: 28P6569

    Very little synth work. Nothing wrong with the songs, just regular pop arrangements.
    • Weekend
    • Solution
    • Life Like a River
    • Episode 87
    • Camp
    • Moonlight Feels Right

    Weekend/Camp 7" single (*)

    Yukihiro Takahashi & Steve Jansen

    Stay Close

    1986 .10 12": Rime (Canyon) 12" RIME 1, Tent 12" C12AO473, 12" C12A0473? cd: PCCA-00302

    Decent, but not exceptional. Jansen was in the band Japan.

    • Stay Close
    • Betsu-Ni
    • Stay Close (Weirder World)- [instrumental]

    Stay Close/Betsu-Ni

    (*) 1986 Rime- RIM 1, UK 7"

    The Best Way

    (*) 1993.5.21 Canyon cd:PCCA-00453

    Best of 1985-87, including Beatniks

    1. WEEKEND
    8. SAILOR
    11. KYOH NO SOR

    La Penseé

    1987 Pony Canyon PCCA-00130.PCCA-00858

    NK: Instrumentals. Various pieces of fashion show music. Witty sophisticated listening. Currently budget priced

    DH: I take it that this is music produced for a fashion show.The cd is credited as a collaboration between Yukihiro Takahashi and Yohji Yamammoto. On the back cover it says "For Yohji Yamamoto and Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme spring- summer 87, autumn- winter 87-88 collection in Paris. The music is a combination of piano and computer. You can't dance to it but it seems to have a sense of humor about it. I'm not sure how else to describe it.
    • Parfum De L'aube
    • Memoires D'un Homme
    • Memoires D'une Femme
    • Brise
    • Entracte
    • Parano-Mania
    • Voyage A Travers Le Futurproche
    • Les Filles Qui Arrivent De La Chine
    • OLD STEP
    • Professeur "Fate"
    • Bondissement
    • Errance


    1988 Eastworld lp?: CT32-5327 CD: TOCT-9223

    DH: This is a fantastic album including Hosono and Sakamoto. Other guests include Iva Davies of Icehouse, Kenji Omura and Ray Ohara. Solid electronic pop music. Leads right into 'Broadcast from Heaven.

    The Look Of Love/Dance Of Life

    (*)1988 cd3: Eastworld XT10-2231 -no differences from lp versions.

    Broadcast from Heaven

    1990.6.30 EMI cd:TOCT 5647, TOCT 9224

    Yokoo cover art. This and Ego are more interesting than the last several or next few post-la Penseé. This is a regular studio album - at least one person wrote me guessing it was a concert before I added this comment.

    • No Tengoku
    • Fait Accompli (by Steve Jansen)
    • 4.30am NO YET
    • 1% No Kankei
    • The Sensual Object Dance
    • Forever Bursting into Flame
    • Rehabilitation
    • What the World Needs Now Is Love


    1% CONNECTION/Fait accompli (*) CD3: TODT-2475

    A Day In The Next Life

    1991.4.20 Eastworld cd: TOCT 9225, TOCT-6032

    DH: The cover for this one is nice. It has a transparent plastic insert with Takahashi's face and title, underneath is the cd booklet which can be folded several ways to give various backgrounds to the picture of Takahashi. It also includes his business card.Takahashi plays everything with guest appearances by Kenji Omura, Keichi Suzuki and Steve Jansen. This is another great cd.
    • Only Love Can Break Your Heart
    • Furueru Hoshi
    • Ai Wa Tsuyoi Stronger Than Iron
    • 360 Degrees
    • Kuuki Suudake
    • Betsu-Ni (by Steve Jansen)
    • Everyday Life
    • X'mas In The Next Life
    • Kami O Wasurete Iwaeyo X'mas Time
    • Nightingale In Heaven

    X’mas Day in the Next Life

    (*) 90.11.14 cd3: TODT-2595

    1. X’mas Day in the Next Life
    2. The Kami wo wasurete iwaeyo X’mas Time
    3. The Night after X'mas - instrumental

    Stronger Than Iron (CD3) TODT-2623

    A Night In The Next Life (Live 1991)

    (@)1991 Eastworld cd: TOCT 6246, TOCT 9225

    DH: This live album focuses on versions of these songs featuring a lot of acoustic guitar and kind of a folky feel. It is beautifully produced and the live band includes Steve Jansen, Ray Ohara, Hiroyasu Yaguchi and Keichi Suzuki. Not much in the way of electronics but an excellent album that has a lot of feeling. (live 29 April 1991, Tokyo)

    Genki nara ureshiine/Kuuki suudake-

    (*) cd3: Eastworld TODT-2756

    Two 1991 live tracks, one only available on this single.

    The Adventure of Gaku (soundtrack)

    1991 EMI cd: TOCT 6134

    "Produced by Yukihiro Takahashi". All synth and samples. Gaku seems to be a dog, thus making this cd a good companion to Sakamoto's Adventures of Chatran. Comes with a 68 page b&w booklet about the film. The theme is full of clockwork percussion which is interesting. Overall pretty fun.

    6. TORRENT
    9. ESCAPE
    13. MEET AGAIN

    Umi-Sore-Sango No Iitsutae (soundtrack)

    1992- Consipio COCD-9201

    DH: The cover shows a still from the movie, a man and boy in a fishing boat. The music is pretty much all synthetic and bears the unmistakable Takahashi sound.

    NK: I think it's Takahashi in the boat. Ueno adds some strings on 2 tracks. YT with a tropical feel. Upbeat and pleasant. Near the end it has a cool blend of Okinawa sounds with string orchestra. This is my favorite of his soundtracks.

    Yukihiro Takahashi In the '90s

    The David Lord Remix with the Hidden Hand of Peter Hammill

    1991.8.25 cd ep: Alfa ALCA -164

    Out of print. Alfa material in techno remix. Doesn't fully gel. I don't think Takahashi's work lends itself to the remix genre.

    1. medley: Glass/What, Me Worry?/Good Time/Are You Recieving Me?/Extra-Ordinary/Kagerou/Charge/ The Real You/My Bright Tomorrow/Sayonara
    2. short edit of the above

    • Life Time, Happy Time

      1992 EMI TOCT-6431, TOCT-9227

      DH: This album also features arrangements that highlight acoustic instruments and an inner serenity that takahashi must have been feeling at that time. There is one absolutely killer techno-pop track included (Mis). Worth the whole cd for this track alone.

      Steve Jansen appears

    • Follow You Down
    • Good Days, Bad days
    • Fathers
    • Pursuit Of Happiness
    • Happy Children
    • Mis

    Sutekina Hito/Good days, Bad days

    (*) 1991 Eastworld single TODT-2809

    Heart of Hurt

    1993.1 27 EMI TOCT-9228, TOCT-6896

    DH: This cd has acoustic-based arrangements of these older songs and includes 2 songs I hadn't heard before this cd. Not much electronic here. I love Takahashi's songs in any setting. Recorded Sep-Oct 1992

    NK: much more enjoyable than typical 'unplugged' albums


    1993 Consipio COCD-9203

    This one has ducks. There is an "Additional Composers" credit so some of the music was done by Yasuo Kimoto and Hiroshi Takano besides the main YT credit. YT does get credit as "Performed by"

    10. TALE OF LOVE
    12. A MAN WITH A BOY
    14. THE LAST DAY

    Mr. Y.T.

    (@) 1994.11.16 Toshiba TOCT-8601
    1. Taxman
    3. Wind That Blow to Bikal
    7. In This Life
    8. AOZORA
    9. IZUKOE

    AOZORA (BLUE SKY) / Eien no natsu (*) cd3 single TODT-3318

    Sei ippai no hohoemi/Futari de kurashite mitaine (*) cd3 single

    Murdered By The Music Remix

    1994: Consipio COCD 9206 lp: COCDL-9401

    remixes --I thought this album never really fell into a real good groove although I think this is one of his only album that could lend itself to techno. Just kind of sits there and repeats. The original is much more interesting and is shall we say... original. Certainly isn't auful or anything. Starangely the usually interesting Sunahara (Denki Groove) supervised this project.
    1. School of Thought (Yoshinori Sunahara Mix)
    2. Murdered by the Music (Something Wonderful Mix)
    3. Kid-Nap, the Dreamer (Something Wonderful Mix
    4. I-Hasu (Toshiyuki Kishi Mix)
    5. Radioactivist (Ernie + Bert of React 2 Rhythm Mix)
    6. Numbers from a Calculated Conversation (Something Wonderful Mix)
    7. Blue Colour Worker (Toshiyuki Kishi Mix)
    8. Stop in the Name of Love (Yoshinori Sunahara Mix)
    9. Mirrormanic (LFO Mix)
    10. The Core of Eden (Yukihiro Takahashi and Kay Nakayama Mix)

    Saravah! Remix

    (*) Vivid? Consipio cd: COCD-9207

    DH: Produced by Yoshifumi Iio Very tastefully electronicized by Mr. Iio.

    • Present
    • Sunset
    • Elastic Dummy
    • La Rosa
    • Saravah!
    • C'est Si Bon
    • Mood Indigo
    • Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Bleu)
    • Back Street Midnight Queen

    NK: This is interesting as the unremixed version was the first time all 3 members of what was to be YMO worked together for a lot of an album back in '77. The original intent was not technopop but sophisticated french influenced pop. Now in the 90s comes this rather creative stunt of infusing a technopop edge that never was in the original music into the whole album. While its not exactly one of the most memorable albums I own, it does come out sort of surprising and interesting.


    (*)1995 .6.7 Toshiba TOCT-8968

    1. Watermelon (single featuring Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra) 5.38
    2. Look of Love (from "Ego") 4.49
    3. SUTEKI NA HITO("Lifetime, Happy Time") 4.05
    4. AOZORA ("Mr. Y.T.") 4.38
    6. KOMIAGERU NAMIDA TO KIMI NO TAME NI (single featuring Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra) 5.34
    7. SEIIPPAI NO HOHOEMI (Single mix - original is track 5 of "Mr. Y.T.") 4.34
    8. ai wa tsuyoi -stronger than iron (from "A Day in the Next Life") 4.39
    9. shiawase ni narouyo (from "Lifetime, Happy Time") 4.41
    10. Left Bank (from "Ego") 4.42
    11. kami osurete iwaeyo x'mas time (from "A Day in the Next Life") 4.52
    12. kuuki suudake (from "A Day in the Next Life") 4.27
    13. 1% no kankei (from "Broadcast from Heaven") 4.07
    14. X'mas Day in the Next Life (from "A Day in the Next Life") 4.58
    15. GENKI NARA URESHIINE (track 1 of "Lifetime, Happy Time") 4.17
    16. All Roads Lead to Heaven ~930MIX~ (mix of several other songs) 6.42

    Fate of Gold

    (*)1995 TOCT-9229
    • The Look of Love 5.45
    • Saenai kimochi 4.57
    • Merci boku 4.18
    • Flash Light 4.15
    • 10GATSU NO KOI 5.30
    • UMIBE NO IE 5.30
    • Fate of Gold 4.54

    Saenai kimochi/Umibe no ie CD3 single (*)

    Portrait with No Name

    (*) 96.11.13 TOCT-9695


    (*) 96.10.16 TODT-3823 cd-s


    (*) 98.02.25 East World TOCT 10189

    1. Look of love (from Ego)
    2. [unknown title from a non-YT album; features female vocal; from 8 April 1989]
    3. 1% no kankei (from Broadcast from Heaven)
    4. X'mas day in the Next Life (single mix) (from A Day in the Next Life)
    5. Ai wa tsuyoi Stronger Than Iron (from A Day in the Next Life)
    6. We Can Work It Out (Beatles) [from album 'All We Need Is Love' 24 April 1990]
    7. Genki nara ureshiine (from Life Time, Happy Time)
    8. Suteki na hito (from Life Time, Happy Time)
    9. Floating Away (from YMO Technodon)
    10. Aozora [Blue Sky] (from Mr YT)
    11. Sei ippai no hohoemi (single mix) (from Mr YT)
    12. Watermelon
    13. Saenai kimochi (from Fate of Gold)
    14. Namo nai renai (from Portrait with No Name)




    96.12.10 Consipio Records cd: COCD-9219

    1. PA-TO A.B.C.D
    2. PA-TO E
    3. PA-TO F.G
    4. PA-TO H
    5. PA-TO I
    6. PA-TO J
    7. PA-TO K
    8. PA-TO L.M
    9. PA-TO N.O
    10. PA-TO P
    11. PA-TO Q 1
    12. PA-TO R
    13. PA-TO S

    The tracks are similar, segue into one andother and slowly build from one track to the next adding additional lines to a pretty much steady beat. They start spare and minimalist, adding a sort of strut with a heavy downbeat matching the way models walk at high end fashion shows. By track 9 the sound is more like minimal technopop complete with a "Femme Chinoise" type voice punctuating the Takahashi style runway paced drums and slightly meandering synth pads.

    Cine Techno -Love-

    (@) Pony Canyon PCCA-01104

    These are Takahashi produced, but not necessarily performed covers of film soundtracks in techno style. Thanks to Max Totten for the track listing.

    Cine Techno -Yukahiro Selection-

    97.4.18 Pony Canyon PCCA-01105

    This isn't a solo album but a sort of "YT Presents:" sort of original compilation.

    weird packaging and concept. The booklet folds out into perforated name tag sized cards with facts about each film. The other covers (remember these are techno or at least retro synth-pop) Wonderful, but a little skimpy. Each CD is like a little over 30 minutes long.

    1. Great Race March (Mancini)
    2. The Big Battle (Shifrin)
    3. Brazil (Kaman [wrong composer credit], it's a vocoded cover of the famous 1940s song by Barroso that was heard in the film)
    4. La Dolce Vita (Rota -different version, K-Taro does a cover also)
    5. Lecon Particuliere (Lai)
    6. Blade Runner (Vangelis)
    7. Not Goin' Home Anymore (Bacharach)
    8. One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest (Nitzche)

    Seems to be his favorite film themes. He produced the album but only performs the last number himself. The style is suitably consistant.

    K-taro Takanami (formerly of Pizzicato Five) did 2 Cine Techno CDs of his own a few years earlier

    Touch of Love

    (*) 1997 Consipio single AGCA-50001

    1. Te wo nobaseba - A Touch of Love
    2. Hoshi no koe - Voice of the Earth
    3. Te wo nobaseba - A Touch of Love (original karaoke version)
    4. Hoshi no koe - Voice of the Earth (original karaoke version)

    A Sight of Ghost

    (@) 1997 Consipio AGCA-10007

    1. Run after You
    2. A Sigh of Ghost
    3. Inu ni naretara
    4. A Smile
    5. Trajicomedy
    6. Set Sail

    This EP has 6 songs and clocks in at 33 minutes. The cover is styled like an old National Geographic magazine. Has some lite electronica type beats, bits of rock guitar, not much more or less than you expect from him.

    Takahashi Yukihiro UK Unit (when released in Japan)

    Yukihiro Takahashi and Steve Jansen (when released in the UK)


    97.12.17 Consipio cd:AGCA-10008, lp: AGJA-70001 also a 1998 UK release on Medium Productions

    A 31 minute album produced by Jansen (formerly of the band Japan) and YT. Very smooth modern pop, nice but short. The (slightly lower priced) UK version on Jansen's label actually has better booklet design using the same cover art and has identical content. The Japanese version has a diary in Japanese in the booklet.


    A Ray of Hope

    (*) 98.3.18 Consipio: AGCA-10009

    info from shawn-missi:

    1st edition comes with special slipcase.

    2 tracks(*) written by Y Takahashi and Steve Jansen (ex-Japan)

    1.i need you [Beatles/Harrison cover]
    2.a ray of hope
    3.te wo nobaseba -a touch of love- (album version)
    4.iron man
    5.the choice (from"PULSE") *
    6.taisetuna hito -voice of the earth II-
    7.memory without consequence (from "PULSE")*
    8.inu ni naretara (from"A Sight of Ghost")
    9.boku ha matteruyo
    10.run after you (london remix)

    NK: Looks like one of those new tracks with old tracks potpourris



    A remix of the Pulse album

    (*) Consipio cd: AGCA-10010, 3xLP: AGJA-70002


    1. The Choice (Reinforced Mix) [Remixed by 4Hero]
    2. Life's Like That (Vocal Mix) [Remixed by Spacer]
    3. Memory without Consequence (Reflection Confused Bits) [Remixed by Reflection]
    4. Memory without Consequence (Extra Polated Mix) [Remixed by Reflection]
    5. Wave (DJ Spooky's Unkut Modular Ekstasis Remix) [Remixed by DJ Spooky]
    6. A River Dry (The Girl from South) [Remixed by Fantastic Plastic Machine]
    7. Prayer of Gold (12 Inch Mix) [remixed by Eric Kupper]
    8. The Choice (Electro Groove Mix) [Remixed by 4Hero


    The Choice (Reinforced Mix) [Remixed by 4Hero]
    The Choice (Electro Groove Mix) [Remixed by 4Hero]
    Memory without Consequence (Reflection Confused Bits) [Remixed by Reflection]
    Memory without Consequence (Extra Polated Mix) [Remixed by Reflection]

    Life's Like That (Vocal Mix) [Remixed by Spacer]
    Life's Like That (Vocal Mix) [Remixed by Spacer]
    Wave (DJ Spooky's Unkut Modular Ekstasis Remix) [Remixed by DJ Spooky]

    Prayer of Gold (12 Inch Mix) [remixed by Eric Kupper]
    Prayer of Gold (12 Inch TVMix) [remixed by Eric Kupper]
    A River Dry (The Girl from South) [Remixed by Fantastic Plastic Machine]
    A River Dry (The Echo from South) [Remixed by Fantastic Plastic Machine]

    Yukihiro Takahashi


    (*) 98.9.18 Consipio AGCA-10011

    with Steve Jansen, KYON, Hiroyasu Yaguchi, Kenji Omura (one of his last appearances). There is also a video version.


    best of yt cover tracks vol.1

    (*) 99.6.17 Consipio AGCA-10016

     1. Loner
     2. We Can Work It Out
     3. Follow You Down 
     4. Moonlight Feels Right
     5. [Japanese Title]
     6. I Saw The Light
     7. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
     8. Walk On By
     9. Helpless
    10. Pilgrims Progess
    11. I'll Be Home

    He covers other artists songs. Has 2 new tracks


    best of yt cover tracks vol.2

    (*) 99.6.17 Consipio AGCA-10017

    1. Don't Think Twice It's Al
    2. Taxman
    3. Homburg
    4. Look Of Love
    5. This Island Earth
    6. I Need You
    7. [Japanese Title]
    8. What The World Needs Now
    9. [Japanese Title]
    10. [Japanese Title]
    11. April Fools

    has 3 new tracks



    99.10.20 Consipio AGCA-10019

    An upbeat and welcome return to a kind of 80s technopop sound with some newer decidedly electronica beats thrown in. Includes some tracks with Suzuki (Beatniks). Some duets with female vocals and also Steve Jansen as a guest. Well worth checking out.

    A Dog Smiled

    (@) Another Best of, this time the '97-'99 albums

    Blue Moon Blue

    (*) First solo album since 1999

    Ross Clement writes:

    Musically it has more in common with Sketch Show than 90s Takahashi albums. Though A Ray Of Hope was heading in that direction.

    Mainly poppy songs and instrumentals done up with interesting "electronic" arrangements. All in all I think it's a very good album although the last two songs let it down a bit, with In This Life being a (presumed) remake from (IMHO) YT's lowpoint album Mr YT, and Eternally being a bit too "normal" a ballad.

    Guests include Hosono, Albrecht Kunze, Ekkehard Ehlers. Steve Jansen gets a credit for "In My Life" for both songwriting and production.

    1. Something New
    2. Blue Moon Blue
    3. A Star Is Born
    4. In Cold Queue
    5. Lay My Love
    6. I Like The Wright Brothers But No Airplanes
    7. Still Walking To The Beat
    8. Exit To Reality
    9. Slow Turning Of My Heart
    10. Where Are You Heading To?
    11. In This Life
    12. Eternally

    (*) Here's an item I have little info on

    Strangest Things (King Records)

    Other than YMO bands: 

    Sadistic Mika Band

    Sadistic Mika Band


    Sadistic Mika Band

    Black Ship


    Kazuhiko Katoh, Mika, Rey Ohara, Hiroshi Imai, Masayoshi Takanaka, Yukihiro Takahashi

    Sadistic Mika Band

    Hot! Menu

    (*) 1975 UK LP: EMI Harvest, SHSP 4049 [1-9: Takahashi on drums; 1-3, 4, 8 co-written by Takahashi; 1, 6 creditsto Sadistics]

    Kurofune (live) 

    20 Songs for 21st Century

    (*) I saw this recently. Seems to be a "best of". 


    Sadistic Mika Band


    1989 Eastworld cd:CT32-5432

    Reunion album. Plenty of Takahashi vocals and drums, so it sounds like his solo albums of this era. Ryuichiu Sakamoto plays on 2 tracks. Out of print but not hard to find.

    A live version of Appare! was also released.

    The Sadistics

    Sadistics 1977

    (*) Masayoshi Takanaka, Yukihiro Takahashi, Yu Imai, Tsugutoshi Goto. A spin-off band after the above broke up

    The Sadistics

    We Are Just Taking Off


    The Beatniks

    The Beatniks are Yukihiro Takahashi and Keiichi (Moonriders) Suzuki. 

    The Beatniks


    (*) 1981 VAP cd: VPCC-81019, VPCC-83013, LP: 30019-28, (CD) VPCC-83013
    1. Le sang du poete 2.24
    2. No Way Out 4.05
    3. Ark Diamant 4.00
    4. Now and Then 3.52
    5. Loopy
    6. Une femme níest pas un homme 3.26
    7. Mirrors 3.27
    8. Le robinet 3.01
    9. L'etoile de mer 3.36
    10. Inevitable 5.38
    11. River In The Ocean (CD only)

    The Beatniks

    1982 Statik (U.K.) lp: STAT LP 13

    UK Release --similar contents to Exitentialism.

    1. River In The Ocean
    2. No Way Out
    3. Ark Diamant
    4. Now and Then ...
    5. Le sang du poete
    6. Une femme níest pas un homme
    7. Mirrors
    8. Le robinet
    9. Líetoile de mer
    10. Inevitable

    Peter Barakan translates and Matsutake sequences. All songs in English. Pretty much like a YT solo album with Suzuki's input. This album was remixed as Another High Exit in 1994.

    (*) No Way Out/Le robinet 7" Vap 0018-07

    (*) River in the Ocean/Ark Diamant 7" Vap 10053-07

    The Beatniks

    Exitentialist A Go-Go

    1987.6.21 Canyon lp: C28A0577 cd: PCCA-00131, PCCA-00597

    Hosono guests on bass. Sakamoto arranges strings. Fun but far from technopop.

    (*) Total Recall/Chotto tsurain da 7" 7A073

    The Beatniks

    Another High Exit

    1994 VAP cd: VPCC-81059

    This is a remix album directed by Kay Nakayama (Something Wonderful). a la Hosono's Mental Sports Mixes. Unlike that album, the Beatniks tunes are very deconstructed compared to the originals. Kind of interesting that much of it becomes electronic instrumentals peppered with vocal bytes not your standard techno trax. Compare to the less interesting YMO High Tech/No Crime mixes or Murdered by the Music Remix which are more pre-occupied with stripping in techno beats. It isn't really straight dance or techno as a lot of these remixes become, but soundscapes (think FSOL).

    Mixes by Something Wonderful (x3), Graham Massey (x2), Aphex Twin, Ernie + Bert, Fractal Form, Bill Laswell.

    The Beatniks

    The Show Vol.4

    Yohji Yamamoto Collection Music

    96.2.25 CONSIPIO COCD-9214 Soundtrack for yohji yamamoto's 1996 spring-summer collection. The two work in a number of contrasting styles from track to track. A little bit of female vocals. Sometimes Suzuki plays his distinctive guitar lines and of course Takahashi handles the drums. Synth-lines too. Overall sort of a variety collection of tracks suitable for runway use.

    Sketch Show

    Audio Sponge

    (@) 02.9.19 CTCR-14224

    New Hosono-Takahashi collaborative project with Sakamoto as guest! more info


    He produced the first 2 Hajime Tachibana albums. He also produced the first Urban Dance album. He did some albums with Susan which are well liked. He often guested on Sakamoto's and Hosono's solo albums. See their individual pages. He produced many more albums albums I don't have info on.

    The Japanese pressing (not the US or UK ones ) of Coldcut's LET US REPLAY (TFCK-87963/4) have a remix of Coldcut by Takahashi (and RS and HH each)

    He finally appeared on Towa Tei's Last Century Modern -- finally :-) since Sakamoto and Hosono have separately appeared on prior Towa Tei albums

    my partial listing is chronologic

    M - Robin Scott

    Famous Last Words

    1982 Sire (US) lp: SRK 3672

    Takahashi gets first billing for drums. One track is called Yellow Magic. He does not play on all tracks. Synths by Wally Badarou and Thomas Dolby among others. This is the third M album.. Kitschy Techno-pop. Top notch production. Amusing. Recently releleased on CD in Europe.

    Bill Nelson


    1982 Cocteau Collectors (UK) JC CD 17

    Takahashi plays drums. Nelson was YMO's guest guitarist on Naughty Boys and some YT solo albums. They clearly influenced eachother's sound. This was an EP that shows up paired with different material over the years. In the US the label added singles and called it Vistamix. The CD I have contains 2 EPs and is fully titled Chimera/Savange Gestures for a Charms Sake

    I think some people mistakenly call this some sort of full collaboration. He's better discribed as guest drummer on many tracks as he does not get either front cover billing or writing credit.

    Pierre Barouh

    Le Pollen

    1982 Saravah/Media 7 cd: SHL 1066 (reissue France)

    Pierre Barough, a French singer who's a major influence on Takahashi did this album in Japan. YT was the main collaborator and Y. Shimizu contributes too. Sylvian does a spoken cameo. Interestingly 2 tunes arranged by Sakamoto from other Tokyo sessions around that time and not included on the original LP. They now show up on the CD reissue (which features a reprint of the Japanese LP cover down to the obi printed over it)

    Karen Kirishima


    1990 Eastworld TOCT-5673

    YT and Keiichi Suzuki produce tracks together along with other tracks by Kazuhiko Kato and Takeshi Fuji. This would be a pretty good example of deluxe pop production of the era. Guests include Kenji Ohmura (multiple tracks) with Hoppy Kamiyama and Bun Itakura dropping by on one track.

    Other Karen Kirishima works with Takahashi: All We Need is Love, Rokku ga Umareta Hi

    Towa Tei

    Last Century Modern

    (*) 1999 AMCT-4444

    Haven't listened yet. guests are : CHARA, UA, H. HOSONO, Y. TAKAHASHI

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