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Koji Ueno

Urban Dance

Urban Dance

1985 Non Standard lp: 25NS-3, cd: 30CH-96, current cd: PCD-1342

They were Shinobu Narita, Kengo Koyama, Koichi Matsumoto. Produced by Yukihiro Takahashi, Hosono is executive producer. Both play. Quite good hard edged technopop. In the YEN tradition. A CD was reissued recently on P-Vine Records

Urban Dance

Ceramic Dancer

(@) 1986 Non Standard 12" 15NS-3

now coupled with the below and on CD for the first time (TECN 18755)

Urban Dance

2 1/2

1986 Non Standard cd: 30CH-179 , current cd:TECN 18755

Hard edged sampled rock. Hosono executive produced. The first album is far more interesting. Probably because this one over uses samples instead of pure electronics or acoustic instruments, it has no elusive YEN-like quality IMHO either. Gets on my nerves a bit.  I guess its called "2 1/2" because they did an EP in between (Ceramic Dancer) so this would be their 2 1/2 and apparently final album ;-)

The reissued CD (TECN 18755) includes Ceramic Dancer, while the original CD (30CH-179) doesn't

Wha Ha Ha

Wha Ha Ha

(@)1981 Recommended Records (licensed from Nippon Columbia.)

Jerry Leibowitz: Odd electro-pop mix of early sampling with cabaret/noise meanderings. Electronics & traditional instrumentation butt-heads resulting in a quirky sacrilege of ethnic music. Recommended. Some notable players contribute to this project: Akira Sakata, Shuichi Chino, Oshimi Wagao, Shigenori Kamiya, Ponta, Kiyohiko Semba & doyoon Tamio Kawabata.

NK: I sort of group this one with Frank Chickens, even though its not the same. Probably of interest to Pizzicato Five fans to hear where some of the Japanese roots of that sound might lie (no actual connection between the 2) . I've heard the US version is compiled from multiple Japanese releases. I've not confirmed this. (the second album seems a newer date?) Seems to be out of print everywhere?

I don't have an actual copy but I hear they did 2 albums Shinu Toki Wa Betsu [1981] and Getahaitekonakucha [1982], I also understand Mishio Ogawa (Chakra, Killing Time, Love Peace & Trance) sang for the band, presumably just on the second album as Jerry makes no mention of her

Satoro Wono

Bikini Moon

(@ )98.5.21 Sony cd: SRCL 4225

This is sort of retro lounge meets J-Pop. The style attempts what of Sunahara does solo style-wise. Some clever bits and pleasant female guest vocals but the melodies and beats just aren't very memorable or fall into a groove.

He showed up on the Kraftwerk "Musique Non-Stop" tribute (see various artists page), but on it he essentially the top billed singer to Maywa Denki's more creative backing tracks.

World Famous


2000 Trick or Treat TOT-001

This is an electronica project of Hiroshi Futami and comes in a thich case containing a cool piece of optical art that has to be seem in real life to appreciate (a photo won't do). Unfortunately even though some well known people co-compose and or perform the music strikes me as too minimal and or or simple to hold my interest. The openner is co-written by Futami with Sunahara and Koji Ueno. Pardon Kimura is in on several tracks

WORLD STANDARD (link to my page)

Stomu Yamash'ta (link to my page)

Momoe Yamaguchi


1980 Sony cd: SRCL 2627

I bought this one because it had Yokoo cover art (of the singer) and I suspected it might be New Wave-ish. It has synth and some big orchestral pop production too. All in all worth checking out, it's definitely yesterday's style though heard in quality production... I would not go as far as calling it some lost gem. CD reissued in 1993


YEN Records

Yoichiro Yoshikawa

Yukari Fresh


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