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The Sunsetz led by Makoto Kubota started on their own as as did Sandii. They collaborated from 1976 until the late '90s when they went their separate ways. In 2005, Sandii has collaborated with Haruomi Hosono for an event at a Shinto shrine at Ise, and during December will appear as a guest of Yuki Yamaguchi alongside former Sunsetz members Kenichi Inoue and Hideo Inoura. Sandii also plans to record new material soon. Keni Inoue is working on solo material and also a second album with his wife Kathie. 

Sandii official website

Makoto Kubota & The Sunset Gang

Sunset Gang

1973  LP , Trio Records. cd:SWAX-16

According to Rick Tanaka & Tony Barrell in an article called Japan's New Music: Human Face of the Technopolis (1983, The New Rock 'n' Roll, Omnibus Press Australia) this was the debut album from Makoto Kubota and has a picture of Godzilla on the cover.

Hosono produced.

Makoto Kubota, King Champ Onzo and Kenichi Inoue had all worked together occasionally since the late 1960's in a scene based at a club called "Jan Jan" in Shibuya  where young musicians could jam together. In 1972, following stint with Masato Minami, Inoue joined Makoto Kubota's band, and during the recording of the "Sunset Gang" album it was decided that they would become a regular group. The album was recorded in a studio in the basement at the "Jan Jan" club.

Sandii, whose father was in the US Navy, moved from Japan to Hawaii in her early teens and began to study Hula and pacific dance. She was called Sandra Hohn back then. She met Rusty Wright and introduced him to her friend Pattye, from the Hula class. The two married and have been close friends of Sandii ever since. Emerging as a talented singer and dancer, Sandii decided to return to Japan to pursue a career in the media. She was discovered by Kyu Sakamoto who helped her to get work on NHK TV. 

Sandy I EP

(*)1974(?) Pineapple Records TRS-5002.

Debut single recorded in Hawaii: The insert identifies Sandii as "Sandie I."  The 45 credits "Sandy I."  The songs on the disk are a) Perusha Neko  and b) Ano Hito.  The insert calls them "Perusha Neko Wa Koi Dorobo" and "Anohito".  

Sandi Ai

(*)1975 Toho Records LP

Side A tracks have Japanese titles and are original compositions. The final track on side A, "Nichiyou no Gogo" is written by Sandii. Side B includes Japanese language covers of  John Lennon's "Love", The Eagles "Desperado", “I Honestly Love You” and “The Way We Were” amongst others. The material is light pop, with a good mix of up-tempo and ballad material and use of synth strings. The production is very much of its time but endearing, designed to show of Sandii's vocal talent.

Sandii performed at the Yamaha World Popular Song Festival twice. In 1975 she was an interval act (non competitor). Her second performance was in 1976, with the single Goodbye Morning. She won the "Grand Prix Best Vocal Performance" award. Its the Japanese equivalent of winning Eurovision.


Kutizuke Wa Yurushite (*) 1975 Toho Records 7" single. This is hard to find now but was apparently a hit.

Ai No Melody/Nichiyou No Gogo (*) 1975.12 Toho Records 7" single. Both songs are on the first album.

Goodbye Morning/Madmoiselle Mama 1976 Discomate Records 7" single. Both are non-album tracks. This was a big hit single and can be found on various Japanese 70's pop compilations. A second pressing of the single includes a prominent mention of the song winning the WPSF.

"The 1976 World Popular Song Festival" LP (Yamaha Records) includes a live version of "Goodbye Morning".

Makoto Kubota & The Sunset Gang

Hawaii Champroo

(*)1975 LP , cd:SWAX-17

Hosono produced

Sandii met Makoto Kubota when he was a guest on a TV show she presented "Echoes of Youth". Sandii joined the Sunset Gang as a backing singer.

Makoto Kubota & The Sunset Gang & Sandy have a track on the compilation Festival Of Japan Rock (1976), which also includes performances featuring Hosono and another with Kitaro.

An Aya Kubota Song “Minna No Uta” (for NHK) – is a rumoured 7” single from the mid 1970’s, presumably after Sandii married Makoto Kubota.

The Sunset Gang

Dixie Fever

(*)1977 LP, cd:SWAX-19

The first full LP featuring Sandii, or rather Sandy as she was still known.

Hosono produced

Sandy O’Neil

Mystery Nile/Mystery Nile (instrumental)

(*)1978 EMI Eastworld 7” single

End theme from the movie “Death On The Nile” in Japan. Reached No15 on the Oricon chart. The B-side is by the Alan McGee Orchestra.

There is also a single credited to the "Massimo Love Orchestra" with a karaoke version of the song which has some vocals from Sandii. This has a similar sleeve to the regular single but has a Nino Rota track on the b-side.

Mystery Nile

(*)1978 EMI Eastworld LP

With the exception of the title track, written by Alan McGee, this album seems to be a hastily conceived collection of covers. It is pure pop and disco. The cover of Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana” reminds me of her later work with it’s more exotic arrangement. All of the songs are in English. There are no musician credits on the album and the arrangers names are fake, for example “Theo Layer” (see notes below).

A soundtrack tie-in album it seems.

Hey! King Kong/Sherry

(*)1979 EMI Eastworld 7” single

The A side is a disco track with synths and strings, reminiscent of Boney M, with a ridiculous lyric and catchy chorus. “Sherry” is dreadful – the vocals are speeded up chimpmunks style. It’s the cover of the well known song by Robert Gaudio, a hit for the Four Seasons. The A side seems to be a spin-off from the Dino De Laurentis remake of “King Kong”.

The name Sandy O'Neil was chosen to sound non-Japanese, as were the other musician names on the album. According to Sandii and Kenichi Inoue (who can not recall much about the project), the musicians are all Japanese and include Makoto Kubota and others who would play on Sunset Gang records. By having a big hit, Makoto felt that he had made a fool of the Japanese recording industry. The decision was made to have a new beginning with Sandii up front, just like Debbie Harry in Blondie.

Sandra Hohn

Love Squall/I Miss You Babe (Yes I Do). 7" single

Love Squall and I Miss You Babe from the soundtrack to the second season of Lupin 3rd (1979). These tracks have appeared on numerous CD’s, with several remixes of Love Squall released since the anime boom started. Both songs are ballads.

Sandii also sang backing vocals on the TV soundtrack to Magic Monkey by Godiego and also their album “Dead End”, under the name “Sandra Hohn”. Along with the Sunset Gang, she backed up Yamamoto Sho using the name “Sandra A Horn” in early 1980.


Eating Pleasure

1980 Alfa Records Japan LP: ALR-28002, cd: ALCA-296, ALCA 9109

Side 1

  1. Idol Era (HH)
  2. love Sick
  3. Drip Dry Eyes (YT)
  4. Shantith
  5. Alive
  1. Hey Rock A La La
  2. Eating Pleasure (HH)
  3. Jimmy Mack
  4. Zoot Kook (HH)
  5. Oinori
  6. Indo excerpt (not listed on sleeve) (Yes, this is the "pre-YMO" track)

Another Hosono production featuring YMO on most (if not all) tracks. Alive and Love Sick sound more like The Sunsetz on their own. Drip Dry Eyes was later re-recorded by Takahashi and in 1993 was re-issued in an "unplugged" man ner as a duet with Sandii. The cut here is a long version with an extra verse. Another duet version appeared on Takahashi's Time & Place live album. An edit appears on Sandii's Viva Liva Lava compilation LP. Zoot Kook is the real cracker here - a real indic ation of the YMO sound on BGM. Shantith and Oinori are experimental numbers using ethnic music, pointing towards the sound of the Sunsetz on Heat Scale and Immigrants. This originally had a sleeve showing Sandii wearing a basqu e made from vegetables, but was replaced with a photo of her in a leopardskin swimsuit.

Sandii lists this on her bio as her solo album debut. Mosdell, Matsutake, Omura also contribute. I don't know what the deal is, but the CD is very hard to find. I wound up with a used copy from 1988 when I went searching real hard with some friends help in 1997-8.

PR: According to the lady herself, Hosono gave Sandii the extra "i" in her name to suggest her Hawaiian connections.

Love Sick/Eating Pleasure Japanese 7"

A rather unusual choice for a single: the two weakest tracks from the album!


Heat Scale

1981 Alfa lp: ALR-28022 cd:ALCA- 297, ALCA-9110

CBS (UK) lp: ALF 85642, Euro lp: ALF-85842, Australia also

Side 1

  1. Heat Scale ~ Words And Dances
  2. The Great Wall
  3. Bon Gazuna
  4. Tohmei Ningen
  5. El Puzzlo
  6. Alive (bonus track on all international pressings)
Side 2
  1. The Eve Of Adam
  2. An Antenna
  3. Gong Loop (Japanese pressing only)
  4. Zoot Kook (UK & Austrailian versions only)
  5. Idol Era (Continental European pressing only)
  6. Kingdom Without Corners
  7. Dhyana Pura
  8. An Antenna (Dub Mix) (bonus track on Japanese CD only)

 There are some differences in packaging too - the Japanese album has a gatefold insert and a colour glossy print, the UK pressing has nothing and the Euro pressing has a different font on the outer sleeve and an inner sleeve with lyrics. Hosono plays on and produces this album.

This was issued under the name Sandii & The Sunsetz in the West and the name stuck.

Clearly the non-Japanese versions incorporate the best of Eating Plaesure in some manner.

Alive(edit)/Heat Scale

(*) UK 7" with picture sleeve (that leopardskin swimsuit again).

Sandii and the Sunsetz


1982.9.21 Alfa/YEN lp:YLR-28004, cd: 32XA-232, ALCA-298, ALCA-5079, ALCA-9111(current)

UK and Overseas Sire lp: 250004-1

  1. Dreams of Immigrants
  2. Open Sesame
  3. Living on The Frontline
  4. The Mirrors of Eyes
  5. You get Want You Need
  6. JINJIROGE ~ The Chunk O'Funk
  7. Perfect Strangers
  8. Illusion (by YT, Sandii & David Sylvian)
  9. Wanted
  10. Where The Fire Still Burns
The Japanese LP has a poster inside with lyrics on the back while the UK pressing has an insert with lyrics. There are quite a few autographed copies of this around in the UK due to a signing tour the band undertook in October/ November 1982 when they were supporting Japan. Mine was also signed by Hideki Matsutake (in Japanese) - right next to where his name appears in extremely small type on the rear cover! Sandii has done a nice "sunset" doodle on the sleeve aswell.

Executive produced by HH & YT. David Sylvian writes lyrics for 3 tracks and sings on 2. YT sings and plays on a track HH and Matsutake appear also. A good one.

Dreams Of Immigrants/Mirrors Of Eyes

(all *)1984.4.25 YEN 7" YLR-710

UK 7" pic cover: Sire SAND1 (Sire 7-259843 in Australia)

UK 7" picture disc (that swimsuit shot again!) SAND1P

UK 12" SAND1T, which also has a bonus track, Junjirogeh. This 12" is an excellent quality pressing by the way.

Sandii and the Sunsetz

Viva Lava Liva

Subtitled "1980-1983"

1984.5.25 Alfa/YEN lp:YLR-28017, cd: 32XA-233, ALCA-299, ALCA-9112 (current), Sire lp: (Holland) 925 167-1 (Australia) 250377-1

Side 1

  1. Sticky Music (a different mix to the UK 7", with Hosono)
  2. Jimmy Mack (Bob Clearmountain Mix)
  3. Drip Dry Eyes (Edited version)
  4. Open Sesame (Re-mixed by Dave Jordan at Bridge Studio London)
  5. Dreams Of Immigrants (Re-mixed by Dave Jordan)
  6. Wanted (Re-mixed by Dave Jordan)
Side 2
  1. Alive (edit, but different to the UK single edit)
  2. Walk Away (with lyrics written by Bill Nelson, produced by Hosono)
  3. Bongazuna (live)
  4. The Great Wall (live)
  5. Heat Scale (live)

  More of a rarities collection than a Best Of, this is not their best by any means.

the Australian version may contain IdolEra and Zoot Kook.
Sticky Music (French Remix) appears on the YEN memorial album.
the drum tracks are processed in a very advanced manner on this remix. very slick and different overall.

Jimmy Mack(Bob Clearmountain Mix)/Jinjirogeh- The Chunk O' Funk

(*) 7" Sire (AUS) 7-259594

Sticky Music/The Mirrors of the Eyes

(*) 84.4.25 YEN 7" YLR-710, Sire (Aus) 7-259701

it went top 20. in the UK and Australia. We don't know the UK cat#

Twins - Super Best of Sandii and Sunsetz

(*) 1996 Alfa 2 CDs ALCA 5109/10, ALCA -1301(?)

  • 1 Sticky Music
  • 2 Jimmy Mack
  • 3 Open Sesame
  • 4 Dreams Of Immigrants
  • 5 Wanted
  • 6 Hey Rock-A Lala
  • 7 Eating Pleasure
  • 8 Zoot Koot
  • 9 Perfect Strangers
  • 10 Where The Fire Still Burns
  • 11 The Mirrors Of Eyes
  • 12 You Get What You Need 1
  • 13 Jinirogeh ~ The Chunko' Funk
  • 14An Antenna (Dub Version)
  • 1 Idol Era
  • 2 Love Sick
  • 3 Drip Dry Eyes
  • 4 Alive
  • 5 Tohmei Ningen
  • 6 El Puzzlo
  • 7 The Eve of Adam
  • 8 Gong Loop
  • 9 Kingdoms Without Corners
  • 10 Illusions
  • 11 Walk Away
  • 12 Bongazuna
  • 13 The Great Wall
  • 14 Heat Scale
info from Gerard IJssermans

Stephen & Sandii

Something Special

(*)1985 Ten Records/Virgin 7" 07VA-1036, (UK) 7" TEN-105, UK 12" TEN-T105 Sandii sings a duet with Stephen Duffy (the Pete Best of Duran Duran etc etc) on a very summery number. This is a classic pop song in the "anything I you can do I can do better" mould. Sandii is not on the b-sides.

Sandii and the Sunsetz

Babes In The Wood

(*) 1985 Eastworld/Toshiba EMI 12" EP: T12-1086 -- not on CD?
  • Babes In The Wood
  • Rachel (written by Sakamoto with lyrics by Sandii)
  • Mood Dance

    I can't comment on this since I have never heard it. I'm not sure if Sakamoto actually plays. Ryuichi sent a tape of the song "Rachel" to David Sylvian to write lyrics for Sandii but he sent over "This Is Not Enough" for the next album instead.

    There is also a 7"with Private Moon on the flip side.

    Sandii and the Sunsetz

    La La La La Love ~ Banzai Baby

    1986 Eastworld/Toshiba EMI lp: WTP-90401 Also released in Austrailia as Banzai Baby. cd: CA32-1251

    Side 1

    • Battery
    • The Act Of Love (written by Stephen Duffy & Hosono, Hosono plays keyboards)
    • Banzai Baby
    • East Meets West
    • This Is Not Enough (written by & featuring David Sylvian)

    Side 2

    • Aishi Aishi
    • Fascination
    • Undressing Slowly
    • The Serious Game
    • Battery (Japanese single version) (bonus track on CD)

    Excellent album - every track a winner. This is their best album as Sandii & The Sunsetz. The best number, though, is probably the Hosono one, which still packs a real punch today. Battery was issued as a single in Japan and the promo clip was shown on Channel 4 in the UK.

    The Japanese Battery single had an English language version on the B side

    Sandii and the Sunsetz

    Rhythm Chemistry

    (*)1987 Toshiba EMI CD: CA32-1444

  • Rhythm Chemistry
  • Cobra
  • Calling You
  • (Japanese title)
  • Sayonara Samurai
  • Intoxicated
  • Princess Blood
  • Kiss Like Sherlock Holmes (mentions YMO in the lyrics)
  • The Myth Boy & The Fever Girl
  • Avalanche
  • Nocturnal
  • Calling You (Jamaican 12" mix - bonus on CD)
  • Kemistry Dub (Jamaican 12" - bonus on CD)

    The Sunsetz begin to get more interested in reggae and dub here. They played Sunsplash in Jamaica for a few years and had a single released exclusively there (but the tracks turned up on this CD re-issue). A patchy album. Kiss Like Sherlock Holmes is a pretty dire rock number but it does have a verse about YMO!! Sly & Robbie play on most tracks.

    Sandii and the Sunsetz

    One Love

    (@)1988 Toshiba EMI LP: RT28-5248, CD: CT32-5248

  • Jamaican Night
  • Brand New Key
  • Cipher (An Go)
  • Hot
  • Rock On Skank On
  • Le Soleil En Pleur
  • Slow Dancer
  • The Kisser (HH/Mosdell)
  • Make Believe (played by HH)
  • No No No (CD only, was originally a single)
  • Dub Flower Night
  • Brand New Dub (cd only)
  • Rock Skank Dub (cd only)

    When I first got this I was really dissappointed, but it is a definite grower. The Sunsetz sound really Jamaican by now, but there are more synths than on Rhythm Chemistry, and Hosono makes welcome appearances on Make Believe and TheKisser.

    (*) No No No / Make Believe - 7", cd3

    (*) Le Soleil en Pleur / Cipher (An-Go) - 7", cd3

    Sandii and the Sunsetz

    Orientation (Best Of 1985 - 1988)

    (@)1990 Toshiba EMI CT32-5516
    1. japanese title
    2. apanese title
    3. Aishi Aishi
    4. Battery
    5. Calling You
    6. Rhythm Chemistry
    7. Brand New Key
    8. Babes In The Woods
    9. Cobra
    10. Jimmy Mack (live)
    11. Cipher (AN-GO) - live
    12. Undressing Slowly (live)
    13. Danzon of Exile
    14. Jimmy Mack
    I don't have this album but I was told that like Viva Lava Liva it has some live material alongside the "greatest hits" tracks. One live track is definitely Undressing Slowly. From this point on the name "Sunsetz" was dropped and Sandii is billed alone; but the band is still the same.



    (@)1990 Toshiba EMI TOCT-5923
  • Mercy
  • Sakura
  • Ikan Kékek
  • Sukiyaki
  • Don't Keep Giving
  • Suriram
  • Don't Keep Giving
  • Te Cherir A Jamais
  • Hello
  • Te Chérir à Jamais
  • Water 4 A Barren Heart (HH/Chris Mosdell)
  • Ringo Oiwake / Antagata Dokosa Zui Zui Zuccolobashi (Apple Song Medley)
  • Le Colline Sono In Foire

    Superb. Excellent. Magnificent. A brilliant pop album that mixes world, reggae and techno musics to great effect. A real success and Sandii has never sung better. This album, if it had been released worldwide, would have made Sandii an international star. This is the first album to feature Dick Lee prominently and it is produced by Makoto Kubota. There are two important cover versions: Sukiyaki is the Kyu Sakamoto song and the Apple Song Medley is a number performed by Akiko Yano on her second LP. From this album onwards Sandii and Makoto began to work with musicians from Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and India. You could say the overall sound is Bhangra (British Asian pop, now exported back to India) and Sandii has made inroads into the Asian pop scene.

    Paul seems to have an LP or shorter version because the track listing I have has several additional tracks (listed above).

    historical note: Kyu Sakamoto's Sukiyaki was the only hit single ever by a Japanese artist in the U.S. (back in the early 1960s)


    Come Again - Remixes and rare tracks

    (@)1991 Toshiba EMI CD: TOCT-5996
  • (Japanese title, ballad written by Dick Lee, new track)
  • Suriram (Ragga Bass Mix)
  • Te Chérir À Jamais (Major Force TKO mix)
  • Ikan Kékek (Dragon Mix)
  • Sukiyaki (Dragon Mix)
  • (Japanese title) (with Roots Radics - out take from One Love 1988)
  • Suriram (Hippy Mix)
  • Te Cherir A Jamais (Beach Mix)
  • Ikan Kekek (Dub Mix)
  • U Don't Care (with Sly & Robbie, out take from One Love 1988)

    Mercy was a success and this was the interim release while Sandii & Makoto prepared the next LP. The first track is excellent, but the remixes aren't as good as the originals and the "rare" tracks are a bit weak and underproduced. As a budget priced item it's OK. The Major Force mixes are by Toshi Nakanishi and Kudo.

    (@) Suriram c/w Te Cherir A Jamais 12"

    sandii and the sunsetz in the 90's

    the bomb the bass remix

    (@) 1991? Alfa ALCA-145
  • 1. kingdoms without corners
  • 2. gong loop
  • 3. shantih
  • 4. zoot kook
  • 5. dhyana pura

    part of the Alfa series that remixes old tracks by international techno remixers. The EP opens and closes with a long sample from Hosono's Philharmony. More interesting than many of the other "In the 90s" remixes. 



    1992 Toshiba EMI CD: TOCT-6375
  • Pacifica (Lounge Version)
  • Pacifica medley
  • Panon Heidung
  • Sister Dodompa (with HIT)
  • Stop Me Now
  • Le Soleil Rouge Vif
  • Badinding
  • Light My Fire
  • Leggang Kang Kong
  • Sayonara
  • Everything I Know

    Another excellent album, following a similar formula and mix of styles to Mercy. The Pacifica medley is based around Hawaiian traditional songs with a Dick Lee chorus. Light My Fire is the Doors song given an Indian feel. The version on the next disc is a different recording. Stop Me Now samples Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot and is a witty song with English lyrics and a joyous yet tragic feel. Maybe Sandii is coming across a bit like an Asian Gloria Estefan.


    Joget To The Beat (Pacifica Remixes)

    (@)1992 Toshiba EMI CD: TOCT-6419
    1. Panon Heidung (a capela)
    2. Panon Heidung (extended)
    3. Light My Fire (extended)
    4. Aloha Mai-Iaorana-Pacifica (remix)
    5. Sayonara (remix)
    6. Panon Hideung (radio edit)
    7. Light My Fire (radio edit)
    8. Aloha Mai-Iaorana-Pacifica (a capela)
    9. Sayonara (dub mix)
    10. Sayonara (a capela)
    Includes remixes or alternate versions of Panon Heidung, Light My Fire, Pacifica and Sayonara (2 or 3 versions of each). The main version of Pacifica here plays in the party/fashion show scenes of The Fugitive (the Harrison Ford movie), but did not appear on the soundtrack CD. There are more mixes by Toshi and Kudo here. Surprisingly, the mixes here are better than the originals and with the excellent packaging and cheap price this is worth getting.



    (*) 1992 ROCK RECORDS (TAIWAN) 
    1. Ikan Kékek
    2. Ringo Oiwake (In Chinese)
    3. Sakura
    4. Sosyuu Yakyoku (In Chinese)
    5. Sukiyaki
    6. Suriram
    7. Mercy
    8. Don't Keep Giving
    9. Hello
    10. Te Chérir à Jamais
    11. Water 4 A Barren Heart
    12. Le Colline Sono In Fiore
    info from : J.Tano/Sandii's Web Club



    (@) 1993 Sushi cd: Sushi 01

    Also known as Airmata. Covers of Indonesian songs. Sounds kind of like a night club. (Info from Ron Kane.)

    Inagurates their indy label- Sushi


    Pictures - The Best Of 1987-1992

    (*)1994 Toshiba EMI CD: TOCT-8302

    16 TRACKS. The exclusive tracks are:

  • Leggang Kang Kong (Malaysian Single Version - remixed by HIT)
  • Rhythm Chemistry (Dixi Remix)
  • Calling You (Java Remix)

    Also known as VERY BEST OF SANDII. A good compilation that mostly concentrates on Mercy and Pacifica. Most of the best tracks are here. Some are remixes from Come Again.


    Dream Catcher

    Japan version

    94.1.21 Epic/Sony CD: ESCB-1467

    1. Every Day
    2. Hai Hai Hai
    3. Dream Catcher
    4. Healing
    5. Oh La Terre
    6. Sunset- Million Years
    7. Serengit Su Dua Kupan
    8. Lacang Kuning
    9. From Your Love
    10. Moon Eclipse
    11. Rindu
    12. Sunset- Million Years (Single version)

    Taiwan version

    (*)1994 Epic/Sony CD: (Taiwan)SMD 8028

    1. Lancang Kuning (Mandarin Ver.)
    2. Healing (Mandarin Ver.)
    3. Hai Hai Hai (Dance Mix)
    4. Moon Eclipse (English Ver.)
    5. Sunset Million Years
    6. Every Day (Ragga Mix)
    7. Dream Catcher (English Ver.)
    8. Oh La Terre (Japanese Ver.)
    9. Rindu (Japanese Ver.)
    10. Sernggit Si Dua Kuapng
    11. From Your Love
    12. Hai Hai Hai (Album Ver.)

    info from: H.Matsubara/Sandii's Web Club

    Sandii Suzuki Dream Catcher (Di Sini)

    Malaysia version

    (*)Epic/Sony CD: (Malaysia) ESCD 1467

    1. Rindu
    2. Suratan
    3. Segala Mungkin
    4. Di Sini
    5. Senja
    6. From Your Love
    7. Moon Eclipse
    8. Seringgit Si Dua Kuapng
    9. Dream Catcher
    10. Hai Hai Hai
    11. Lancang Kuning

    info from: H.Matsubara/Sandii's Web Club

    Another excellent CD mixing Asian and Western pop to great effect. Several rappers appear. The team behind Sandii is still Makoto and The Sunsetz though they let guest musicians in to add some different textures. This one is probably more Asian than the last few, and it has more dance beats.

    Hosono guests on the title track. Monday Michiru Akiyoshi rap on From Your Love

    (*)HAI HAI HAI (SINGLE EDIT.) / Every Day (Ragga Mix) ESDB 3432 cd3

    (*)Dream Catcher / Every Day 94.05.21 ESDB 3478 cd3

    (*) Dream Catcher / Hai Hai Hai UK single on File Records

    (*) SEASIDE BOUND 94.8.21 ESDB 3518 cd3

    2. Every Day (Malay version) *duet with Aishah
    3. Seringgit Si Dua Kupang

    World Remix

    1995 Epic/Sony ESCB 1433

    Remixes from Dream Catcher. 6 tracks - Remixers are: Ray Hayden (x2), Sly Dunbar, H.I.T., Bally Sagoo, Towa Tei & Satoshi Tomiie who seem to represent both New York and Tokyo given the cities listed on the front (the others being London, Kingston and Birmingham)



    (*) 1996 Sony Epic (ESCB1717)
    1. Yuki-Watashi
    2. Favela
    3. Kaze No Uta
    4. Asatsuyu
    5. Hina's Theme
    6. Sunadokei
    7. Minha Lua
    8. Pulse
    9. Sanbinha
    10. Autumn Leaves
    11. Life

    Seems to be the last proper album with the Sunsetz ?

    Charles & Natalia Lehmann write: Quite a stylistic jaunt from the pop sounds of  Dream Catcher.  A more "mature" sounding set of jazzy songs with an acoustical, world-beat type flavor delivered by numerable guest musicians with European / S. American sounding names.  Absolutely no rap on this disc.

    (*) Life - There Is Nothing Higher Than Your Life / (Instrumental) 1995 CD3

  • Sandii

    Sandii's Hawai'i

    (*) 1996 Sushi-2

    also exists overseas as cat# Bomba SUSHI H1

    1. Green Rose Hula
    2. Kimo Hula
    3. Bunga Sayang (Pua Ola)
    4. Waikiki
    5. Pua Lililehua
    6. Meleana E
    7. Ku'u Ipo I Ka He'e Pu'e One
    8. Tuku Atu - Vini Vini
    9. The Beauty Hula
    10. The Moon Of Manakoola
    11. Kalama'ula
    12. Wakale No Isochidori
    13. Aloha 'Oe
    14. Pûpû Hinuhinu

    various artists

    Ici Tokyo

    1996 Bond Age (France) cd:7562820

    contains Sandii track Sukiyaki and a fun home video Quicktime clip of Sandii singing acapella in the CD-ROM section.


    Hawai'i Second

    (*) 1997 SUSHI-3

    1. Akaka Falles
    2. The Pidgin English Hula
    3. Nani Wale Nâ Hala
    4. E Ku'u Lei, E Ku'u Ipo
    5. Adventurs In Paradise〜Follow Me
    6. Hâna Chant
    7. Maori Medley
    8. Kamalani O Keaukaha
    9. Manu 'Ô'ô
    10. Kopi Susu
    11. Ka Lehua I Milia
    12. Kaimuki Hula
    13. 君といつまでも/Forever More
    14. I wish they didn't mean good bye


    Sandii's Hawai'i 3rd

    (*) 1998 east west AMCY-2755
    1. Sea of Love contains: Oli Aloha, Pi'i Mai Ka Nalu
    2. Hiki Mai E Ka La
    3. Nohili
    4. Kauoha Mai
    5. Pua Mae'ole
    6. Love Song Of Kalua
    7. Kananaka
    8. Puamana
    9. Adios Ke Aloha
    10. Do The Fula
    11. Kaimana Hila
    12. Ho'onanea
    13. Te Manu Pukarua - Tahiti Nui
    14. U' Lani
    15. Mele O Ke Kahakai (Hamabe No Uta)
    16. Ka 'Ano'i
    17. Don't Cry 'Oe
    18. Sea Of Love (Radio Edit) ..... bonus track


    ambient Hawaii

    (@) 98.7.1 FOA?? cd: FRCA-1024

    By Sandii, M. Kubota, Y. Yamaucji, I. Hirama

    As the name implies. Well done and relaxing.



    (*) 1998 SUSHI-06


    Sandii's Waikiki Lounge '99

    (*) Taboo Disc TAB-801 U.S.A

    1. Waik"k"
    2. Tuku Atu - Vini Vini
    3. The Moon Of Manakoola
    4. 'Akaka Falls
    5. The Pidgin English Hula (Ah Sa Mala You Last Night?)
    6. Adventures In Paradise - Follow Me

    This might be an American collection from the Sandii Hawai'i albums

    Harry & Mac

    Road to Louisiana

    (@) 99.9.25 cd: ESCB-2040 lp: SYUM 126_LP

    Haruomi Hosono and Makoto Kubota seem to have done a back to basics blues thing. Recorded at least in part in San Francisco, Garth Hudson, Jim Keltner are mentioned guests. Sandii drops in for an Hawaiian track. Must have been a wet detour if they were on the Road to Louisiana :-)

  • Sandii with THE COCONUT CUPS

    (*) 1999 cd: XYCA-40


    Sandii with THE COCONUT CUPS

    ALOHA GROOVIN' Remixes

    (*) 2000 cd: XYCA-47



    (*) 1999

    featuring Lune Paolo

  • Sandii


    (*) 2000

    2. SEA OF LOVE
    5. WAIKIKI
    7. MELE O KE KAHAKAI(Hamabe No Uta)
    9. PUA MAE'OLE
    12. 真夏の果実
    14. WOMAN
    15. DO THE HULA
    17. 見上げてごらん夜の星を

  • Jazztronik feat. Sandii


    2001 TKCA-72692

    I think this was reissued in 2004

  • Sandii

  • Ukulele Dreaming

    (*) 03.07.16 cd: PCCA-1920

  • Sandii

    Lemurian Heart

    (*) 2004



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