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Sheena & The Rokkets have made quite a number of albums. Here I and Paul Rymer talk about the 3 group and one Sheena solo that Hosono and members of YMO were involved on.

Story: I once had 2 of the original LPs bought in Montreal, one Japanese pressed, one US pressed but I got really sick and they got lost or stolen before I got well.

Sheena & The Rokkets

Shinku Pack

10/79 Alfa Records ALR-6023, cd ALCA-9113

(YMO's initials indicate a songwriting credit)

Side 1:

  • Batman Theme (HH on keyboards)
  • You May Dream (HH)
  • Sentimental Fool
  • One More Time (Iggy Pop cover)
  • Lazy Crazy Blues
  • Moonlight Dance (Sakamoto on Keys)

  • Side 2:

  • Stiff Lips ("stiff noise" played by Sakamoto)
  • Heaven Or Hell
  • I Got You, I Feel Good (James Brown cover)
  • You Really Got Me (Kinks cover)
  • Radio Junk (YT, YMO play with vocals by Makoto Ayukawa)
  • Rocket Factory (essentially Sakamoto solo)

  • Paul Rymer: Album produced by Hosono. At least one YMO member plays on each track, but there are different combinations of who plays what. One More Time and I Got You are The Rokkets on their own. This album originally came out in October 1979 but on early 1980 it's sleeve was replaced due to complaints that the sight of the Rokkets being smothered in yards of clingfilm was offensive/dangerous. So on the re-issue sleeve they are shown drinking alcohol. On the OBI and insert YMO are called Yellow Magic Orchestra.

    NK: This CD has the cellophane cover art again. I seem to remember some kind of US pressed Sheena & The Rokkets with YMO as the producer credit

    Sheena & The Rokkets

    Channel Good

    10/80 Alfa Records lp: ALR-28005 cd: ALCA-9114

    Side 1:

  • Hot Line
  • My Boyfriend (Ramones cover)
  • I Spy
  • Dead Guitar
  • Kiss Me Quick
  • Oh! Suzy Q (another cover: Hawkins/Lewis/Broadwater)

  • Side 2:

  • Ukabi No Peach Girl (YMO written, YMO play, pr: Sheena wrecks it)
  • Taikutsu No Sekai (pr: actually rather excellent)
  • Good Luck
  • One Night Stand
  • Baby Maybe (written by YT & he is on drums, more synths from HH)
  • Snakeman.

  • Paul Rymer: Produced by YT and HH. Hosono plays all keyboards except on Ukibino, which is the only number with RS. A poor album really and the best version of Ukabino is on the Beautiful LP (below).

    NK: Has it's good moments but it's pretty much rock with some exceptions. My copy lists HH, YT and RS as the guest musicians. Chris Mosdell writes many of the song lyrics.



    1982 .12.16 Alfa/YEN lp:YLR-28005, cd: ALCA-16 (this # is out of print) it's on Yen Box 1 and may be available now with additional contents??
    1. Bon Temps Rouler (HH)
    2. Wai Wai Wai (HH - an upbeat chunky Techno-Okinawan number)
    3. Kowaremo No (YT)
    4. Ukabino Peach Girl (new version - RS does not play but it's better, great bass playing from HH)
    5. Beautiful (HH)
    6. Yo-Yo You
    7. Help Me (Hajime Tachibana, very much in the style of H or Hm)
    8. Chanel #5 On The Rocks (YT)

    Paul Rymer: By far the best Sheena album out of the three.

    NK: This album is a Sheena solo. HH produced. YT executive produced, both guest. Only 30 minutes long. Very catchy melodies most of which are Hosono or Takahashi music and arrangements. One track has music by Tachibana. Another, Ukabi no Peach Girl, has music credited to YMO (RS does not play) No Sakamoto on this one.

    Sheena & The Rokkets


    97.8.6 Speedstar/JVC VICL-60064

    This is a rock album that Hosono produced (superb). It is one of the very best Japanese rock albums that I've heard. The song Internet Kiss has lyrics by Sheena and Chris Mosdell (early YMO lyrics) and is the technopop exception on the album. Has a CD-ROM section with the video to Internet Kiss. All the playing and arrangements are both clever and skillful.


    Internet Kiss

    97.8.6 Speedstar/JVC VIDL-30036

    1. Internet Kiss (single version)
    2. Beautiful (english version)

    RokketWEB official site

    They have a link to my site :)


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