Nicholas D. Kent and John Blackford play synthi

These pictures are from the phonomena event @ subtonic, nyc, 2/27/03

~~~ click on the pix and quotes to play or download live mp3 trax ~~~

* * * Imaginary quotes were provided by various luminaries! * * *




like two mad scientists are trying to restore
the earth's gravitons by using Tesla's scalar machine
(--Susumu Hirasawa)


"Hello? Can you hear me now...? GOOD!"
(--Paul Schreiber)



"You sank my battleship!"
(--Matthew Davidson)



"'s *supposed* to sound like that!"
(--Paul Schreiber)



"beep beep bzzzzzyuup yoip"
(--Rodney Alan Greenblat)


photographs 2-4 by Harlan Emil Gruber - thanks!


gear spotting info:
main synths: EMS Synthi AKS (x2)

one of which is processing a Roland TR-606
outboard FX are: Moogerfooger Analog Delay, Line6 Modulation, Blacet Time Machine


the what is nick up to these days info site

contact: ndkent (at)