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most of miu's earlier catalog seems to have gone out of print

Ryuichi Sakamoto featuring Sister M

The Other Side of Love

1997.1.29 güt/for life CD3 single: FLDG-1007

It made top 10 on the Japanese singles charts. A light pleasant J-Pop melody sung in English.

Sister M turned out to be RS's teenage daughter Miu. She sings fluently in English.(having gone to school in New York) .


Miu Sakamoto


98.11.26 double CD mini album WEA cd:WPC6-8695/6

disc 1
2. eternal
3. awakening
4. the eighth colour
5. awakening-endo mix

disc 2
1. INTERNAL - instrumental -
2. eternal - instrumental -
3. awakening - instrumental -
4. the eighth colour - instrumental -
5. INTERNAL - yoshihiro hanno mix -

NK: This is a 4 song mini album with a number of remixes. SUGIZO from the band Luna Sea is the main guest. He's worked on his own solo album with RS collaborating/producing on a number of tracks. Miu has a clear voice and the arrangements are j-pop style but more intricate than average. A second short disc of remixes and instrumentals is included on this release. Possibly of interest to Ryuichi Sakamoto fans for the second disc of instrumentals (same tracks without singing), but the first disc is all duplicated on the album Dawn Pink.

Ivar de Vries writes: A pleasant surprise when it originally came out in 1998, this "pre-debut mini album" by Miu Sakamoto as it's called in the accompanying notes. Miu is the daughter of Akiko Yano and Ryuichi Sakamoto who has a big hand in this first full foray into music by his daughter. Father Ryuichi takes care of all production and arrangements, plays all keyboards/synthesizers and contributes the music for one piece ('Awakening'). The music for the other three pieces is by Sugizo, a young Japanese musician who also plays guitar on all tracks alongside Ryuichi. The lyrics on those three tracks are by Miu herself (in Japanese) while Arto Lindsay provides the English lyrics to Ryuichi's track.

The package of this album is quite extraordinary, the hour's worth of music spread out of two CD-singles, each in its own carton-box which together are encased in a see-through plastic box with water-bubbles printed on it. The two CDs have a symmetrical structure, each starting with the same four pieces (with and without vocals respectively) and each ending with a remix of one of the other pieces: the first by Ryuichi Sakamoto, the other a great one by Yoshihiro Hanno. The four pieces that Miu sings on the first CD-single reappeared on her proper debut album ‘Dawn Pink’ a year later.

What about the music ? Well, the tunes by Sugizo are decent to good, so is the one by Ryuichi while his arrangements are up to his normal textbook standard - the ones here have electronic sounds used in a lot of pop-music with plenty of piano as well as some nineties-style electronic percussion. Miu Sakamoto has a nice clear soprano voice (as a reference: similar to that of Miki Nakatani, who would reuse 'Awakening' on her 1999 album ‘Shiseikatsu’) which has been mixed up-front, thus making a strong impression. However, here she doesn't articulate the words very much and on the whole doesn't put much personality into her singing which makes it all sound like standard J-pop fare. But, for a first sort of full album and thanks to the other participants, quite a good effort nonetheless.


99.05.26 CD5 single WPC6-10018

(picture at right) 3 versions total on this single, includes a chamber arrangement and an instrumental version, very lush and orchestral and unmistakably standout Ryuichi Sakamoto. Worth finding, her picture isn't on the cover (its subtle geometric graphics) and her name is in Japanese so its harder to spot than average. The name comes from the film it was the theme song to. Tamio Okuda writes the lyrics. This song was resung in English as Child of Snow for thr album Dawn Pink. I've also seen this single referenced as Poppoya


in aquascape

99.9.8 CD5 single WPC6-10031

(picture at left) not to be confused with the mini album aquascape which does not contain this track, though Dawn Pink the full length album does. Its based on the solo piano piece of the same name on Ryuichi Sakamoto's BTTB but here the arrangement is orchestrated. Beautiful singing and melody, 4 versions on this single.



99.9.29 WPC6-10037

1. Hitotsu dake
2. The letter after the wound
3. I'll believe the look in your eye
4. awakening
7. the eighth colour
8. EYE
9. eternal
10. DAWN
11. in aquascape


Dawn Pink is a full album containing the songs from Aquascape, some singles and some new tracks. It opens with one of the hits her parent's originally recorded. Here the beats are updated and Akiko Yano sings backing vocals. TETSUDOIN appears in english as Child of Snow. Wonderful and orchestral. The piece in aquascape (from RS's BTTB) gets lyrics and orchestration as the finale, worth the wait.

I'll believe the look in your eyes / Hitotsudake

(*) 00.02.09 single WPC6-10037




00.7.26 CD5 single WPC6-10095

Contains beautiful, a collaboration with Yuka Honda of Cibo Matto and her crew, another new track with a Japanese title (translation- Lullaby) with Seiichi Yamamoto from BOREDOMS and Finally ~Sugizo Remix~ of which I'm not familiar with the source of the original, probably his own album or an unreleased song? No RS involvement. Her voice is more beautiful than her earlier tracks but the material is kinda just good professional J-Pop. I was hoping Yuka would deliver something totally catchy but its neither here nor there.


Another Sunny Day / honeydip

(*) single EM-0001

I've never seen a copy. The catalog number would indicate it's an indie or promo release of some sort


(*) 00.4.11 single WPC6-10125

Toru Okada from Moonriders wrote, and is used in a TV commercial for a major cosmetic brand. Also includes 'Jiu no Mori' which was penned by Kazushi Miyazawa from The Boom.


15 minutes

(*)01.05.23 single:WPC6-10132

collaboration with Noriyuki Makihara


(*)01.10.24 single:WPC6-10074

translates as? shining wind
This song was written by Kenji Kawai

sleep away

(*) 02.4.24 WPC6-10205

3 song single with SUGIZO


an album called miutation was announced but not released

Kumanbachi ga tondekita

(*) 02.11.20 Epic ESCL-2344

Duet TV song single with her Mom, Akiko Yano.

The Never Ending Strory

05.11.16 Yamaha YCCW-30004

Single with her cover of the 1984 movie theme song. The puppy-like Luckdragon Falkor's shows up on the cover of her 2010 album Phantom Girl.


(*) 06.5.24 Yamaha YCCW-10024

Album with a mix of original and cover songs. Includes both tracks from The Never Ending Story single.


Oboro no Kanata, Akari no Kehai

(*) 07.12.12 Yamaha YCCW-10041

Produced by SUGIZO, 7 original songs



(*) 08.11.5 Yamaha YCCW-10092



(*) 10.05.19 Yamaha YCCW-10110

Produced by David Liang (Shanghi Restoration Project)


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